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Yee-haw! We just learned that Square Cow Movers was named 9th out of the 25 fastest growing small businesses in Central Texas. We were ecstatic just to be nominated, so breaking into the top 10 has got us clickin’ our heels together.

We’d like to congratulate all of the other nominees as well as the 25 businesses in the large companies category, which was ranked separately. A special pat on the back goes to Phunware Inc. who took home the top honor in the small business category and Invodo Inc. who did the same for the large companies.

Now you may be wondering how the contest coordinators went about ranking everyone. Keep on reading for a run down of just how the Austin Business Journal determines which companies are growing the fastest.

How the Austin Business Journals’ Fast 50 Companies Are Ranked

The Austin Business Journal uses cold hard numbers to compile the list of nominees and create the rankings each year. There’s no objectivity to it. It’s all about which companies have the largest annual revenue growth over the last three years. That’s right – not year-over-year but for the last three years.

Here’s what they do:

First, they section the companies into two categories: small businesses and large businesses. The small companies have revenue below $10 million whereas the large companies have revenue above $10 million.

Next, they look at the records over the last three years (2010, 2011, 2012). The focus is on the annual compounded growth. They look at total revenue for 2010 compared to 2011, then compare 2011 to 2012. If you simply compared 2010 to 2012 then this year’s small business winner Phunware Inc. would have had a revenue increase of 1,430%. But when you break it down year-by-year it’s still an impressive 291% increase.

Finally, they put the rankings together in a nice looking slideshow for all to see on the Austin Business Journal website.

This Year’s Austin Fast 50 Small Business Rankings

#1 –Phunware Inc.

#2 – Gossett Jones Homes

#3 – Circular Energy LP

#4 – Flix Entertainment LLC

#5 – Big Red Door Engineering and Consulting

#6 – Open Lending LLC

#7 – 4DSP

#8 – Arise Healthcare

#9 – Square Cow Movers

#10 – Tax Tiger

#11 – KELL Partners

#12 – Growth Acceleration Partners

#13 – Software Advice

#14 – EB Quickstart

#15 – QualTech Automotive

#16 – R&R Limousine and Bus

#17 – Sales Engine International

#18 – Double Line Partners

#19 – AffiniPay LLC

#20 – Hyperwear

#21 – Bridge360

#22 – Headspring

#23 – BP3

#24 – Sparksight

#25 – MHD Enterprises Inc.

Again, Square Cow Movers would like to congratulate all the businesses on a job well done, especially our friends over at Qualtech Automotive.

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/square-cow-movers-nabs-the-9th-spot-on-the-austin-fast-50-small-businesses-list