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Expanding to Denver is a pretty big deal for Square Cow Movers.  This is our first location outside of Texas.  We are excited to become a part of the Denver community and grateful for the opportunity to serve this new city.  Our clients—old and new, may have a few questions about our expansion and new location.  Wade Lombard took the time to share some of his hopes for the new area and the goals for the future of Square Cow Movers.

Why did Square Cow Movers decide to expand to Denver?

WL: For starters, it’s the most common destination when we do out of state moves.  Denver has a very similar footprint to Austin.  The cities are comparable in size, demographics, and median household income.  There seems to be a smilier DNA between Austin and Denver, both cities have high tech industries.  Honestly, if given the opportunity to expand a branch of your company, wouldn’t you want to somewhere cool that you enjoy?  When Wayne, Derek, and I visited Denver back in January, that pretty much sealed the deal, we all loved it.  There’s just something about Denver and we plan on becoming a part of that.

What excites you the most about the new location?

WL: The most exciting thing about the new location is the challenge of expanding to a completely new area.  If you do something well, then go two hours down the road and  and it works, that’s one thing.  We have had success with expanding to both the Dallas and the Houston areas.  However, if you go 1,000 miles down the road, will it work?  That question, that challenge is what excites me the most.

How will you implement the Square Cow Mover culture in Denver?

WL:  The two managers that will be opening our Denver branch, Brian Hilbert and Colby Maske have worked with us in Austin.  First, we make sure we have mangers who have been incubated within our culture and then we send them out to evangelize the Square Cow brand.  I think it’s important to distinguish that we are not franchising out our brand.  We remain a privately held and  family-owned company with big goals and aspirations which has lead to multiple branches run by folks we trust.

Can you share a little about the new managers, Brian Hilbert and Colby Maske?

WL: Both are awesome guys and we are so lucky to have them managing our new location.  Brian is moving from managing our South Austin location to managing Denver. He can’t believe that he gets to move to Denver.  Truthfully, Brian is a great leader, hard worker, and wonderful operations guy.  He is the only manger I have ever had to tell to stop working and go home for the day.  Colby is young, as in straight out of college.  He hails from Alabama and has spent several summers in between semesters working for Square Cow in Austin.  This is a promising young guy who will bring a ton of energy to Denver.

How will the new location in Denver help Square Cow Movers accomplish more moves / become a better company?

WL:   This is the first step in a more regional type of focus instead of just a statewide focus.  If we have success in Denver, we intend to take that to other places and regions.

What unique aspects will Square Cow Movers bring to the Denver market?

WL: One of our main tenets of who we are is about serving. I don’t think our industry is known for excellent service in any market.  It’s always a gap that needs to be filled.  That will be the next piece of that puzzle, we’re here to serve.

How will you ensure that Square Cow Movers core values remain consistent in Denver?

WL: First of all, our survey system.  We use a system called Catch Engine that allows us to engage with every client and keep our thumb on the pulse of what’s going on.  Holding ourselves and our team members accountable, spending time training our herd members, instituting campaigns like our I.P.R. program (link to I.P. R. blog), and fostering a culture of respect, care and service will help us remain consistent in Denver.

What would you like people in Denver to know about Square Cow Movers?

WL: I want people to know that we are more concerned with serving them than we are with the bottom line.  The bottom line will take care of itself when we show up on time, go above and beyond, practice compassion and serve others.  We think we have a lot to offer the Denver area, but we know there is a lot we can learn from the Denver community and we hope to become a part of that community.

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/square-cow-movers-denver-interview-wade-lombard/