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Is your move going to require a long road trip? Professional movers know a thing or two about making road trips more fun on a long distance move. We asked some of the Square Cow Movers crew for their best road travel tips. They filled us in on a whole bushel full of insider strategies for staying entertained, fighting off drowsiness, snacking safely and more.

Defeating Road Trip Drowsiness

Drowsiness is just as dangerous on the road as drinking. When you’ve been behind the wheel for hours on a long stretch of desolate road, it’s easy for eyelids to get heavy. The best bet is to always pull over and call it a day or at least take a power nap. Other tips that could help you fight off drowsiness include:

On the Road Entertainment

It’s much easier for passengers to stay entertained these days thanks to smartphones, tablets and portable DVD players. But what about the driver? Here are a few suggestions for having fun while you’re behind the wheel.

All our cows agree that music is a must for any road trip. Derek Mills says he likes to keep it fun by creating a playlist of his high school favorites. Today there are a number of music options if you don’t have the time or ability to make a playlist beforehand. Suggestions include Pandora, Apple Radio and Sirius.

There are also a number of fun road trip games that everyone can participate in during the drive. Our favorites are:

Travel-Friendly Snacks

One way that people keep themselves entertained and awake during road trips is by snacking. Of course there are plenty of temptations at gas stations, but which ones are best for consuming on the go? Everyone has their own unique tastes, but some snacks just make more sense.

Keeping Comfortable in the Car

Sitting in one spot for hours on end can be a little uncomfortable no matter what vehicle you’re driving. Our cows avoid getting sore backs, leg cramps, etc. while driving long distances by:

If you want to make the road trip a little easier, let Square Cow Movers help haul it all. That way you and your family can drive in the comfort of your own vehicle, go at your own pace and make stops without having to worry about all of your stuff. Give us a call or use the online form to get an instant moving quote!

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