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Central TX yard

Central Texas has an unique landscape and an unique set of challenges to match. The current drought and wildlife like deer make drought-resistant and deer-resistant plants a must for Central Texas yards.  If you are planning your spring landscape, take these suggestions into consideration for a yard with longevity.

With nature and people living together, it is common to see deer in neighborhoods throughout central Texas. Hungry deer will eat up your garden and greenery in your yard like it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet. To prevent this, choose these native plants that are deer-resistant and will help you maintain an attractive yard.


Small Trees/ Large Shrubs:



Yuccas/ / Agaves / Succulents / Cacti

Ornamental Grass



Native, drought-resistant plants are the way to go because you will spend less time watering, fertilizing, and using chemicals to control pests. As an added bonus, naturally drought-tolerant plants will help preserve the environment and conserve local water resources. When you use native plants in your yard, you will spend less money on water and replacement plants, and your yard will be able to withstand a Texas summer. The following are great drought-resistant plants for Central Texas.

Happy planning and happy planting!

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