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Howdy, office moovers! We know just the thought of moving all the carefully placed components and papers sitting on your desk is enough to raise your blood pressure. Whether it’s in your house or a place of business, your office is home to a lot of important stuff.

In this post we’ll go over how to pack up your office piece by piece.

Packing Away Office Furniture

Offices tend to have hefty furniture like bookcases and desks, which aren’t easy to move. Breaking office furniture down will make it more manageable and save space in the moving truck. Here’s some dis-assembly tips:

For furniture that can’t be broken down or you’d rather move intact, empty all the drawers first then tape drawers and doors shut before moving.

Tips for Packing Up Your Computer Equipment

Back up your files!

The last thing you want to do is to lose work files during a move. Backing everything up via an external hard drive or an online storage service like Google or Dropbox will ensure that your files are safe.

Remove the hard drive.

This is the irreplaceable part where those important files are stored within the computer. The hard drive is easy to take out and carry with you so opt to do so if you can.

Use the original boxes.

The original boxes are the best option since they were made specifically for your computer parts. If they’ve already been tossed, which is most likely the case, Austin moving companies and box stores will have boxes made especially for transporting computer components like towers and monitors of all sizes.

Take extra precaution with the monitor and tower.

These are the two most delicate parts that you’ll want to get extra bubble wrap for.

Check with the printer manufacturer about packing.

Some printers require you to take a few extra steps before packing like removing the ink cartridges. Check with the manufacturer to see if they have any suggestions on how to pack your printer.

Books, Legal Documents and Paperwork Packing

Don’t let a move derail your paper trail.

Here’s one final tip. Put off packing up your office until the end so you have access to your desktop, paperwork, etc. for as long as possible.

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