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Whether it’s a set of fine china you got as a wedding present or trendy plates you picked up from IKEA, dishes are one of the most delicate items that have to be packed up during a move. If you decide to forgo professional packing services the steps below can help you avoid a major mishap.

Supplies for Packing Dishes

Step-by-Step Instructions for Safely Packing Dishes

Safely packing up dishes can take some time, but with these 11 steps every plate, cup, glass and bowl should make it to your final destination in one piece.

Step #1 – Put about three inches of crumpled packing paper in the bottom of your dish box.

Step #2 – Place a stack of packing paper on a table and arrange your dishes into groups.

Step #3 – Start with the heaviest plates. Put the first plate about six inches away from one of the corners. Fold two pieces of paper in that corner over the top of the paper.

Step #4 – Stack another plate on top of the first and then fold two pieces of paper over the second plate. Repeat this process two more times to create a stack of four plates.

Step #5 – Now fold the two sides of the paper over the top of the plates and then roll the stack of plates one time to completely wrap them in the paper. You’ll have a neat bundle of plates that are easy to pack.

Step #6 – Place the bundle of plates in the dish box so that they are standing up rather than laying flat.

Step #7 – Repeat the process until all of your dishes are wrapped and packed.

Step #8 – Fill any voids with packing paper or dish towels as you go. This keeps things from shifting around and makes a nice level surface for the next group of dishes.

Step #9 – Add another three inches of packing paper and repeat the process on the second level.

Step #10 – Wrap glasses and mugs individually with one or two pieces of packing paper. Glasses should be on the top layer standing upright in the box, not laying on their side.

Step #11 – Once the box is full close it up securely with packing tape and label the box appropriately.

Be careful not to load the box too full with dishes. A good rule of thumb is to limit the weight of any box to 35 pounds. Many packing boxes also note the maximum weight that can be loaded on the bottom.

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