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Many families plan summer moves so that they are settled in before the new school year begins.  Moving can be challenging for families, especially for kids.  Enrolling in a new school at the beginning of the academic year is ideal for many families.  Kids have a fresh start in a new grade and odds are there will be more than one “new kid” in each grade or class.  If your family has recently moved or is about to move and is currently in “back to school” mode, there are a few ways you can optimize your home to help prepare your family to go back to school.  Families preparing to go back to school put the kids to bed earlier in anticipation of the early mornings to come. You can help smooth the transition to a more structured schedule by optimizing your home.

Breakfast Station

If you have early risers who may be getting out of bed before you or want to help your kids become more independent a breakfast station may be a great solution.  Move easy-to-use breakfast items like cereal, milk, pop tarts, fruit, bagels, etc. to lower shelves.  You can even prep breakfast for younger children by pouring a portion of cereal into a tupperware container and putting the lid on, so the cereal won’t go stale.  Store a week’s worth of cereal in tupperware in an easy to reach drawer.  Pour a serving of milk into a plastic cup with a lid and store it on a lower shelf in the refrigerator, so that little ones aren’t trying to maneuver a whole gallon container to pour milk.  Leave fruit like bananas or oranges in a bowl on the counter or in the center of the table.  Your fruit bowl is both a decorative item and easy to reach!

What to Wear

Install a low hook on the back of your child’s bedroom door.  Each night before your student heads off to bed, he or she can hang up the next day’s outfit.  Mornings will be smoother with less indecision about what to wear or time lost trying to locate different clothing items.

After School Catchall

Like death and taxes, the onslaught of backpacks, sports gear, books, diorama projects, coats, shoes and lunch boxes strewn across the floor after school is inevitable.  Anticipate the pile of kid gear before it piles up next to your door.  Create a separate basket, hook, or cubby hole for each kid so that everything has a place.  The hard part is training the kiddos to put things away instead of shedding everything as they walk in the door.  Good luck.

Homework Station

An ideal homework station would be away from the TV and close to the snacks.  Kids may need to use a computer or tablet to help with their homework so an easily accessible plug may also be necessary.  Preparing a homework station helps you to enforce the no “screen time” before homework rule.  Before the school year begins, designate a homework area in your home.

We hope these tips help you optimize your home and prepare for a great school year!

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