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Fireworks in Austin

There’s just something about the Fourth of July that makes ya want to get outside, even if it is pushing 100 degrees. Square Cow Movers is here to help you beat the heat and plan the perfect Independence Day celebration.

Creating an Inviting Space Outside

Timing – It is the middle of summer in Texas, so unless you have a pool, an outdoor party at high noon will likely leave your guests worn out by the sun before the fireworks have been lit. It may be best to hold the celebration off until after the high temperature hours of 12-4pm. You should also consider where the sun is during the afternoon hours. Arrange your set up so that it isn’t in full exposure to the sun as much as possible.

Lighting – Once the sun starts to set will guests still be able to see the spread you’ve laid out? Lighting can really set a mood and be incorporated into the decorations. Star-shaped lanterns and lights are a great way to work in the American mood of the celebration. Strands of Christmas lights in red, white and blue will also be a big hit.

Lighting isn’t just an issue of convenience, it’s also important to ensure safety. The last thing you want to have to do on a holiday is file a homeowners insurance claim. In that same vein of thought, avoid using flames as a light source – you’ll already have enough potential fire hazards to contend with (see below).

Seating – Having adequate seating for any party is a key concern. Some guests will prefer to stand and mingle while others would rather kick back and relax. Request that guests RSVP so you have a decent headcount a few days before the big event. Lock down enough seating options so that at any given point more than half the guests have somewhere to sit.

Moving Indoor Furniture Outdoors

In an effort to create a more comfortable outdoor space for the shindig you may end up hauling furniture outside. Before strapping on your back brace and rolling up your sleeves, keep these tips in mind:

·      Be careful with anything cloth.

·      Go for the older pieces that can handle roughing it outside.

·      Any kind of tables – coffee, dining, etc. – are game.

·      Use furniture pads while moving to protect chairs, tables, etc.

·      Consider cushions for outdoor chairs rather than moving recliners.

The best outdoor spaces are like an extension of your home. But that doesn’t mean you have to move everything outdoors. Focus on pieces that are easy to clean and serve a purpose.

Watch Out for Fire Hazards

Grills, fireworks, possible drought-like conditions – a Fourth of July party could be the perfect recipe for a fire. Take extra care to avoid this worst-case scenario by:

·      Grilling on concrete surfaces at least 10 feet from any structure

·      Requesting that guests don’t bring fireworks – instead provide ones that you’ve approved

·      Keep a fire extinguisher nearby at all times

Working Around Weather Problems

Beat the Heat – One thing is certain in Austin during July – it’s going to be toasty. One of the best ways to ensure your guests are as comfortable as possible is to provide some shade. If you don’t already have a covered porch or patio area, consider renting a pop-up tent. And of course, ice cold beverages are a must.

Other beat the heat tactics you may want to try include:

·      Having a kiddie pool handy

·      Picking up some portable misters that attach to your hose

·      Having a designated cool down area inside

Plan for Rain – Despite drought conditions and low lake levels, the possibility of rain is always hanging overhead. It may only last 15 minutes, but you’ve got to have a plan B.

High Winds – If you’ve ever lived in central Texas you know that every now and then strong winds will kick up out of nowhere. While these may make the temperature more bearable, they will also wreak havoc on decorations and the chow table. Have a few paper weights handy to hold down the napkins, plates, etc. and make sure tents are tie down nice and tight.

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/moving-the-party-outdoors-this-july-4th-in-austin

Image Source: Trey Ratcliff