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Every day we turn on lights, wash clothes in electric machines and cook food on gas ranges simply by turning a knob, flipping a switch or pushing a button. Utilities are a modern day convenience that makes life easier, including when it comes time to move.

Shutting off those utilities is one of the moving do’s you don’t want to forget about. The key is to get the timing right and follow the proper procedures so you aren’t left without power when you need it. 

When to Shut Off the Utilities

If you’ve already found another place to live you may be tempted to turn off the utilities at your current home when you set up your new accounts, but this could be a mistake. The utilities will need to be connected for inspections to occur.

When you sell a home the buyer is going to have the home inspected, which requires water and electricity (as well as gas if you have it). Landlords will also want to verify that all the systems are working correctly before they release the deposit. 

It’s best to wait to shut off the utilities until you’re no longer legally bound to the property. But don’t wait too long or you could end up paying additional fees for services you aren’t using. 

How to Shut Off the Utilities

Shutting off the utilities is pretty simple when you know what steps to take. You won’t even have to do the manual labor when utilities are shut off properly.

Step #1 – Make a List of All Your Utility Providers/Accounts
You’ll have to contact each provider to arrange shut off. Take time to look through your bills and make sure you don’t miss any services.

Step #2 – Check Your Online Account for Instructions
Most utility providers supply customers with information on how to end their account. 

Step #3 – Schedule the Shut Off Well in Advance
If you want the utilities to be shut off by a specific date, then you need to plan ahead. Contact your utility providers at least two weeks in advance to schedule the shut-off. 

Step #4 – Check on Deposits
Some utility providers require a deposit before they activate service. As long as you’ve made all of your payments, you should be able to get part or all of the deposit back. 

Step #5 – Give the Providers Your New Address
Just in case there are any lingering bills or issues with the account after you move. 

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