You’ve settled into your own home and made it your own personal space where you feel completely relaxed. Things are organized the way you want, there are systems and a structure that fits your lifestyle. It’s about that time that a family member needs a place to stay.

Having a family member move in can be a balancing act that requires a lot of compromises on both sides. You definitely want to help your family out, but you don’t want it to wreck your relationship. Before they move in here are questions you need to ask yourself.

What Family Member Are You Moving In?

The relationship that you have with your family member will greatly affect the new dynamic of your household. Common situations include:

·         Moving an Adult Child In

·         Moving a Parent In

·         Moving a Sibling In

·         Moving an In-Law In

·         Moving a Grandchild In

Each situation is unique and will require you to approach the move differently. In future posts we’ll explore each situation in more detail.

What is the Age of the Family Member?

Age has a huge impact on their lifestyle and the adjustments you may have to make to your own. Children will need supervision, elderly relatives may need help with everyday tasks, young adults may want to stay out late.

Before they move in consider how you may have to accommodate the new roommates depending on where they’re at in life and whether preparations need to be made beforehand.

Do They Have Any Special Needs?

Special needs can range from dietary concerns to wheelchair access. Have a conversation with your relative upfront about what, if any, special considerations need to be made. You don’t want to get blindsided after they move in.

How Long Will They Be Living With You?

Some moves are permanent while others are temporary. If it isn’t intended to be long term ask your relatives what their plans are for the future. Are they waiting to move in to another home? Will they be looking for a new place while living with you? Are they moving to Austin and want to learn the area before deciding where to live?

Knowing why they are staying with you will indicate how long they plan to be there. It may be uncomfortable, but you also need to know what their financial situation is like. This will have a huge bearing on their ability to get a new place of their own and whether or not there will be financial burden for you if they can’t help out with expenses and bills.

How Long Are You Willing to Let Them Live in Your Home?

It may seem a little callous, but it’s understandable that most people will want to get their life back to normal sooner rather than later. Again, be upfront with your relative and let them know your expectations. It’s your house, after all, and you are doing them a favor.

If this isn’t discussed beforehand, things can get very strained once the family member has worn out their welcome. Knowing your expectations will help them plan accordingly.

Bottom line is you have to consider your needs, not just those of your family member. Plan accordingly, lay down the rules and set expectations beforehand to ensure that you all remain on good terms after they move out.

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