Christmas is perhaps the best day of all 365 days in the entire year! We couldn’t let it pass by without sharing some of it with our Square Cow Movers community. We love Christmas. Here at Square Cow Movers, there are plenty of reasons why Christmas is our favorite holiday. Here are the ten at the top of our list:

10. Christmas Colors – We like to dye the calves red and green for the family photo. They hate it. In human terms, it’s like wearing one of those ugly Christmas sweaters.

9. Traveling – We’re herd animals. Of course we like to travel with our herds (translated to mean families).

8. The Nice List – Reports of cow tipping (the kind where some mean bully tips over cows in their sleep) are at an all time low this time of year. Everyone is too worried about being on the nice list. It’s a relief when we can put the calves to bed knowing that they can dream of salt lick fairies without getting rudely knocked over.

7. Holiday Traditions – Every year, our entire family gathers together and heads to the ice skating rink to see who can execute a perfect Triple Salchow (pronounced Sow Cow). Grandma wins every year.

6. Christmas Cud – Of course, we love the look and smell of all those green things folks decorate their homes with for Christmas. We also love to nibble on said green things when no one is watching. At that point we call it Christmas cud!

5. Togetherness – Some scientists gave cows a label that we like to start things together at the same time. Well, duh! At work we have a policy that no cow goes home until all the cows can go home. We don’t always get to be with our families and friends, but on Christmas we get to do everything together with them!

4. Jingle Bells – Cow bells become a popular musical instrument this time of year. Lots of other kinds of bells too. We love bells.

3. Milk – Everyone knows that you leave out milk and cookies for Santa Claus. We are proud of all our cousins across the world who keep Santa hydrated on his crazy sleigh ride.

2. Reindeer – Cows are responsible for moving folks’ stuff 364 days out of the year. On Christmas, we leave it to our buddies, the reindeer. They only have to work the one night, but they give a whole new meaning to the words “Express Transcontinental Delivery.” Everybody should be off for Christmas. It’s a time for family and gratitude.

1. Training – It’s the one holiday out of the year where folks pack things into boxes, wrap ’em, moove them under a tree, and then let their kids unpack them in the morning. Y’all call that Christmas, we call it training! Ha!

We love you all, and from our family to yours – Have a very MOOOOOOOOO-rry Christmas!


Image Source: www.flickr.com/photos/quietkid/5292245616

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/merry-christmas-from-square-cow-movers