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What to Leave Behind When Moving - Square Cow Moovers

The more you have to move, the greater your moving costs.  Downsizing and decluttering are great pre-move strategies, but there is another element to lightening your load.  Some items are more cost effective to replace than to move.  Don’t feel bad about leaving any of these things behind, so you can have a fresh start in your new home.

Anything That is Broken, Damaged or Doesn’t Work

If you’ve been meaning to fix that chair leg or take that broken blender to appliance repair, it’s time come to terms with your good intentions and let go.  Inexpensive furniture that is broken or damaged may be cheaper to replace than to repair, so don’t bother moving it.  Also, if you have been planning to replace a particularly old or mediocre household appliance, after a move is the optimal time to replace any items.

Things to Replace in the Bathroom and Linen Closet

A fresh start in a new place will provide an excellent opportunity to replace small, easily obtained items like toilet brushes, plungers and shower curtain liners.  While you’re in the bathroom take a look at the towels and washcloths.  If they are stained, raggedy, have holes or have just seen better days, consider some new towels for your new place.  Linens, sheets, bedding, pillowcases and blankets should undergo the same scrutiny.  If you haven’t replaced your toothbrush recently, now is a good time.  Toss expired medicine too.

Things to Replace in the Kitchen and Garage

Perishable food that will not survive a move and expired food should not be moved to your new home.  Plastic indoor and outdoor trashcans can easily be replaced. Leave the dust and dirt from you old home behind along with your old broom.  Cheap shelving is another item you don’t have to feel bad about leaving behind.  The garage can sometimes serve as a catchall for all the random items you don’t know where to put.  Consider the cost effectiveness of moving each item and whether it is easily replaced.

Window Treatments

In many homes, the window treatments are actually considered fixtures, meaning they convey with the home.  Check your lease, listing agreement or sales contract for particular details about your window treatments.  Custom window treatments aren’t cheap or necessarily easy to replace, but every home will differ. You will most likely have a different number of windows and windows of different sizes in your new home.  Consider a move an occasion for upgrading your window treatments.

We hope these tips will help you eliminate any items that are easily replaced or ready for retirement. Best wishes in your new place!

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