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Serving is always top of mind for our whole herd at Square Cow Moovers.  Not just customer service, but service with the goal of helping or doing something for someone else. Herd leader, Wade Lombard, encourages service by first serving others himself. After a recent mission trip to Nicaragua, Wade shared some encouragement with his herd. Take a behind-the-scenes peek at Wade’s counsel to our team.

“My church supports an organization in Nicaragua and sends several groups a year on missions trips to the small Central American country. It was a culture shock! We had no air conditioning from the time we landed in Nicaragua until we returned to U.S. soil. We delivered food to people that live with a dirt floor and no running water. We cleared a field so kids had somewhere to play fútbol. We played fútbol with those kids, and they owned us.

I was pumped when our trip leader asked us to donate ball caps so we could give them to the men of Nicaragua. Of course, I chose Square Cow caps. Check out the picture of Juan spreading the Square Cow brand down in Nicaragua!

Serving the people of Nicaragua got me thinking about the subject of “SERVING” in general. We ask our movers to SERVE the client, right? A part of great leadership is modeling. If we want our movers to SERVE our client, we need to find ways to SERVE our movers. Today I want to encourage you to SERVE others in every area of your life, not just at work. You don’t need to go all the way to Nicaragua to SERVE. Hold the door for other people. Pick up a piece of trash here and there. Help your neighbor fix his car. Donate one Sunday to help feed the homeless. You can SERVE in countless ways.

A few things happen when we develop a lifestyle of serving:

•First, we become more joyful. A natural reaction to serving is joy.

•Second, gratitude. You are reminded how blessed you are.

•Third, it’s contagious. The more you serve others, the more others see it and decide to help out.

The subject of “SERVING” will never fade or erode from the Square Cow culture. To the contrary, I think it will be more of a compass. When we sense that we’re drifting off course we’ll use our love of SERVING to recalibrate and right the ship.  This is who we are and who we will continue to be.”

Wade sets the example by leading through serving and hopes the whole herd will continue to make service an even more integral part of Square Cow culture!

Original Source:  https://squarecowmovers.com/leading-by-serving/