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It’s almost that time of year again when kids eagerly await the long summer vacation. Parents, on the other hand, aren’t as excited. The summer months mean your kids will have a lot more free time that’s normally spent in the classroom. The void in their schedule can create a number of logistical problems for parents.

For starters, young kids will need adult supervision, which may be difficult if both parents work. Then there’s the issue of summer slouch. We’ve all seen it firsthand or experienced it ourselves in youth. When kids have nothing to do they can become complete couch potatoes.

Since we’re always advocates of knocking out two birds with one stone, we came up with a few options that can help parents in Denver handle both problems at once. Here’s a look at some activities that can keep your kids busy this summer.

Academic Programs

Once summer rolls around classes are the last thing on most people’s minds. But some kids genuinely enjoy academics. Others want to get ahead or learn something that’s not covered during the spring and summer semesters. For all those kids there are summer academic programs.

Colorado Academy is a popular choice for summer learning. The school has held summer programs for more than 65 years. Denver Academy also opens its doors during summer to all students grades K-12. Their summer quick hitter classes and programs aren’t just a way to keep kids busy. They’ll also earn credits and learn new skills. The other good thing about Denver Academy is there are two summer sessions to choose from.

Summer Camps

If you’re going to have to pay for childcare you might as well make it a fun learning experience for your kids. Instead of paying for daycare, you can treat your kids to a summer camp that will keep them engaged with activities.

One of the best things about living in Denver is the variety of entertainment options. Even kids have their pick of summer activities. There are hundreds of summer camps that cater to every possible kid interest. From botany to cooking to dance, whatever your kid is into they’ll find their tribe at a Denver summer camp.

Luckily, The Denver Post has done a lot of the work for busy parents this year. Use their summer camps guide to find options that are age appropriate and fit your child’s interests.

Athletic Teams

Being a part of a team sport provides kids with invaluable experiences they’ll take with them for life. Studies have shown that kids benefit from participating in sports in a number of ways. They gain a sense of camaraderie and teamwork that’s hard to replicate in a classroom. Kids who participate in sports also have stronger academic achievement on average.

Summer is a great time to introduce young kids to team sports because it’s less competitive. For the most part, emphasis is put on learning skills and having fun in a relaxed environment.

Your local YMCA is a good place to begin your search for summer sports programs. The Denver YMCA organization hosts a number of sports camps and day camps with organized team play.

Public Programs for Kids

Why not get more use out of the taxes you pay by sending your kids to park programs? The Denver Parks and Recreation Department hosts a number of summer programs and theme camps across the city. There’s also Out of School Day Camps during the summer months. Recreation instructors lead kids of all ages in a variety of activities out in the city parks and centers. The fees are very reasonable, and there is a program for families that need assistance.

Organize Play Dates

Another way to keep kids socially engaged over the summer is through play dates. Your kids are sure to be on board because not seeing friends as often is about the only downside to being out of school for the summer. Parents can arrange to meet up at a neighborhood park or hike a nearby trail and benefit from a little social time themselves. Everyone will get exercise and the stress relief benefits of being out in nature.

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