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When you’re moving into a new home the last thing you want to see is unwanted, buggy house guests crawling all over your things. Infestations should be handled before you move in even if that means pushing back your move date.

Keeping Bugs at Bay Before You Move In

Some bugs may be more prevalent depending on the time of year or region that you live in, while others are year round problems no matter where you are. The Square Cow quick guide below lists ways to evict the most common bugs.


Like you, termites are looking for shelter. To move them out before you move in, your best bet is to hire a termite control company to come spray the home because they may be lurking in places you can’t see. You also need to handle the problem as quickly as possible since termites can do serious structural damage if left unchecked.


Fleas can be carried in homes by pets or people and then hide out in carpet waiting for an opportunity to latch onto something with a pulse. Before moving more things in that they can call home, shampoo with special flea treatment or sprinkle borax on the carpets.


Even the cleanest of houses can get cockroaches.  There are many ways to keep them in check ranging from chemical sprays to traps to less harsh options like boric acid/sugar mixtures and baking soda. Examine the home for holes, cracks, drains and vents – these are places that roaches like to use as in and out points. Treat those areas as well as the perimeter of the house. If none of the DIY options work call on a professional for assistance.


Ants don’t just dwell outside. They can move into a home with quickness like you won’t believe. To stop them in their tracks find out where they are entering the home and seal it up ASAP so no more can get inside. Next you can either buy an ant spray from the store or go non-chemical by sprinkling baby powder or pepper on the infested area.

If you have a serious infestation of any kind it’s best to call an extermination service that’s experienced with handling the critter that’s causing you trouble. Once the problem has been solved be proactive in keeping bugs at bay by sealing doors and windows, adding in screens and keeping garbage contained and sealed.