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What is the last thing you should pack?

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What to put in the Last Box? (Photo Credit: sheltieplanet.com)

We recommend a box of cleaning supplies as the last thing to pack and first box you should open.  Did you arrange to have a final professional cleaning of your old home? Will you be lucky enough to arrive to a sparkling, clean new home? If yes to both these questions, then this box of cleaning supplies still matters.  However, unexpected life events and delays happen. The cleaning crew may arrive late or not at all!  Be Prepared! Have some Clorox wipes, 409, vinegar (or any cleaning agent of your choice) on hand.  You do not want to move your furniture and belongings into a dirty space. And unless you really don’t like the people moving into your old home,  do not leave it a pigsty!

A Note About Pigsties: Pigs, a fellow farm animal, are noble creatures. By nature, our tasty friends are very, very clean animals. The mud they sometimes wallow in is very clean mud, but granted, it is still mud. Therefore, pig pens have the illusion of being dirty, and it is that illusion to which we are alluding to. You follow? Good! Don’t dishonor the pigsty, clean up your space.

A few cleaning supplies will allow you to wipe out drawers and cabinets before putting in clean dishes, scrub out sinks, tubs, and showers so that at the end of a long day of hard moving you can at least be guaranteed a clean shower or bath.

To help you keep your move organized and clean we have rounded up some great resources.  For those of you who like to check off the boxes as you move along, we have several checklists for you. For those of you who don’t like to check off the boxes, use these anyways. They really cut down on the stress of remembering what you have done and what still needs doing.

First, you should “check” out our very own checklist! (So pun-ny, we know…udderly ridiculous. Moo.)

Real Simple offers a great checklist timeline to thrill the super-prepared, type-A crowd and keep the B-type folks moving in the right direction.

Also, be sure to check out their comments section of this Real Simple checklist. It is surprisingly helpful. Feel free to share your own hints and tricks with us on our comments section!

How could we not discuss organizing without mentioning Martha Stewart?

Obviously, this checklist is geared toward selling Home Depots products, but it gives you a good idea of what specifically to include in your “last box” of cleaning supplies.

Alright, that’s it. Get to it! Call us if you need help or moral support.