03A26176Moving, remodeling, downsizing and combining households are all reasons why you might find yourself selling your gently used furniture. Furniture is big, expensive, difficult to move and sometimes hard to get rid of.  It would make sense that if you have a used piece of furniture in good condition that you would want to recoup some of your initial investment by reselling! The funds from your old furniture can also be used towards new furniture or home purchases. There are several factors to consider when selling your gently used furniture!

Is time of the essence? 

If you will be moving out the area soon and don’t want to haul your old furniture, you may need to be willing to accept lower offers.  A garage sale may be the best option for people crunched for time.  If time is on your side, you can afford to be more selective and hold out for a buyer willing to pay your asking price.

Do you have extra space? 

Even if you have the time to wait for the best buyer, you may not have the space.  Renting a storage unit may be a good option if you are selling highly collectible or valuable antique items.

Consider the quality.

Really well-loved pieces of furniture may be better off donated.  Who wants to buy a 10-year-old stained couch? If you have a piece that has been passed down in the family or that is made of real wood, you may want to consider getting it refinished or reupholstered. The asking price of your gently used furniture should match its condition.

Consider the venue.

The quality of the furniture and the type of the furniture will also determine which venue you should choose when selling. Common types of furniture like a pull-out couch might do well on Craig’s List, while a speciality piece of antique furniture may do better at a resale shop.

Where to sell?

Good luck with selling your gently used furniture!

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/how-to-sell-your-gently-used-furniture/