The inner workings of a computer are a mystery to most people. You don’t want to find out what’s inside because of a moving mistake. You may get away with halfheartedly packing up clothes and bedding, but not your desktop computer.

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7 Steps to Successfully Packing Up Your Desktop Computer

Step #1 – Back up your files! Just in case a worst-case scenario occurs you want to make sure your files, photos and more are still safe. Square Cow Movers suggests backing up on an external hard drive or disk as well as an online storage service like Google or Dropbox.

Step #2 – Remove the hard drive from the tower. It’s the only irreplaceable part of your desktop computer and can be susceptible to movement. Not to mention it contains sensitive information that you don’t want getting into the wrong hands. Your best bet is to simply take it out and keep it with you when you move.

Step #3 – Pack everything separately. Break the computer down into its individual components – tower, monitor, speakers, keyboard, printer – and pack each one up on its own.

Step #4 – If possible, use the boxes the computer components came in. These boxes were made specifically for your computer parts, which make them perfect for packing. However, we understand if you threw those out years ago so we added information on other packing options.

Step #5 – Take extra precaution with the monitor and tower. These are the two most delicate parts that you’ll want to get extra bubble wrap for them.

Packing the Tower:

Packing the Monitor:

Step #6 – Repeat the tower packing process for the printer. We also suggest that you visit the manufacturer’s website to see if they have any suggestions on how to pack your printer. You may need to remove the ink cartridges before boxing everything up.

Step #7 – Bubble wrap the keyboard and mouse. These lightweight items can be carefully placed in a box with your other office items. Bubble wrap them first and place them on top of everything else.

Your computer should be one of the last things you pack up before moving and one of the first things to get unpacked when you move into your new place. Like all electronics, your desktop computer components are more susceptible to the elements, extreme temperatures and rough handling.

Follow the steps above to safely transport your desktop computer, then visit Square Cow Movers to get unpacking tips once it’s set back up.

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/how-to-safely-pack-up-your-desktop-computer

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