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How to Handle Family Heirlooms During a MoveFamily heirlooms are priceless pieces that have as much emotional value as they do monetary value – if not more. These are the things you’ll of course want to take special care of during a move.  Here’s how.

Insuring the Heirloom

You may want to consider insuring your heirloom, especially if it’s a valuable item. You’ll need to determine the value of the heirloom first, which will require the assistance of a professional appraiser. Most insurance companies require an appraisal before they will agree to cover the item. In order to get an accurate appraisal take it to a certified appraiser that specializes in the type of heirloom you have.

If you opt to use a moving insurance plan it may cover your heirloom in the event that it gets damaged during the move. However, do your research to make sure the coverage is adequate for the value of your heirloom.

Inform the Moving Company of an Heirloom

Any items that require special care should be made known to the moving company and the movers. If the movers are aware of an heirloom they can take extra precautions to ensure it’s transported safely.

Keep the Heirlooms with You

If possible, handle the heirloom on your own and pack it up in your car rather than loading it on the moving truck. This is the best way of knowing for sure that your heirloom is kept safe. The moving company may even prefer that you handle the priceless piece on your own.

Let Others Help with Larger Heirlooms

For larger heirlooms, like a piano or a piece of furniture, you’ll need to enlist the help of movers who are better equipped and more knowledgeable at transporting bulky items. Look for moving companies that specialize in handling delicate larger pieces, like piano movers in Austin.

Take Pictures of the Pieces

Before packing up the heirloom, take pictures of it from multiple angles. This will help you prove the heirloom’s original condition in the event that damage does occur during a move.

Give the Heirloom to Another Family Member

In the event you can’t take an heirloom with you when you move, the best option is giving it to another family member. Make sure to be clear whether or not you expect to get the heirloom back at a later date or if they are now considered the owners.