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The last thing you want to deal with during a move is damaging the home you’re moving out of in any way. Hiring professional movers is the best way to prevent damage and keep from getting stuck with a repair bill if something does happen. Here’s a look at some of the most common types of damage that occurs during a move and more tips on how to avoid them.


The Floors

Floors are possibly the most common spot for move out (or move in) damage. With the moving of furniture and boxing things up all it takes is one spill or slide to mess up the floors. If it’s wood or tile flooring you could be looking at some serious replacement or repair cost.

The best ways to protect the floors during a move include:

Just be careful to anchor the covering or runners so that no one gets tripped up. There are also pads you can get for the bottoms of couch, table and chair legs which will help you keep from scratching hard flooring.

You’ll also want to use proper moving techniques to keep the floors from getting damaged. Never slide furniture. Get someone to help you lift the furniture off the ground to move it. Take care when you’re packing things up and moving them around. Dropping a heavy kitchen appliance on a tile floor will not only break the appliance it will bust the floor. Whenever possible don’t pack things over wood, tile or stained concrete.


The Walls

Another spot that sometimes takes a beating during a move is the walls. Scuffs, scrapes and holes can occur when moving things out of the home. This a particular problem on staircases and around corners where it’s sometimes difficult to see where you’re going or trying to get things through a tight space.

Corner guards are specially designed for protect the edges of walls, which tend to get damaged. In high traffic areas you can also use painters tape to tape up cardboard boxes or even towels to cover the walls during the move.


The Door Frames

The door frames can end up taking a beating as furniture and big boxes get squeezed through. Bumping heavily appliances and other items against the door frame can cause significant damage that goes beyond cosmetic problems. To prevent any issues invest in door frame guards, especially on the front door or the door leading out through the garage if that’s going to be the main exit. There are also foam pieces that can be placed over door frames and plastic scratch sheeting that can be used.

No matter what, give the house a good cleaning after everything is out. Do your best to clean up any spills or scuffs so they aren’t an issue. If there’s any lingering damage take responsibility for it, get your own bids for the repairs and get things lined up so the new owner doesn’t have to deal with it.

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