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A December move has many benefits: the holidays allow more time off from work to unpack and settle into your new home, kids can start a new school at the beginning of a term and the new year is a great opportunity to start a fresh adventure!  There are also a few disadvantages to moving during the holidays: decorating and unpacking at the same time can be a challenge, finding a place to hide holiday gifts isn’t easy when everything is topsy turvy and good luck with preparing a holiday feast while half your pots and pans are still packed. The logistics of a move combined with holiday shopping, present hiding and gift wrapping can be tricky.

First, simplify your gifting strategy.  Everyone gets the same thing.  During a move you don’t have time to shop for individual presents for friends and family, but you can still find a thoughtful gift that everyone will enjoy.  These gift  ideas might help make your holiday shopping easier during a move.

Family Photos

Updated family photos are always a crowd pleaser with parents, grandparents and family members.  Schedule a photo session before your move and then arrange to have your photographer or a third party service like Shutterfly mail framed photos, a canvas or even a photo book to friends and family.

Custom Family Sign

Every family is unique because every family has their own story.  A custom family sign will help your loved ones display their story! Sites like Etsy have tons of options for custom family signs where you can choose to personalize a sign with a specific surname and even the year a couple came together.

Gift Cards

Gift cards will never lose favor as a popular holiday gift. They are small, portable, easy to obtain and allow the recipients to choose exactly what they want.  While this may not be the most creative gift, gift cards will always be appreciated!

A Special Item From Your New Hometown

This gift idea is a little more ambiguous, but it will help you explore your new hometown. Cities and regions often have specialty items that they are famous for like a certain sauce, seasoning, baked good, etc.  Sending friends and family members a memento from your new hometown will help you stay connected and give friends and family a sense of the area where you now live.

We hope these ideas will be a hit with your family and friends! Wishing you the best of luck with your holiday move and a joyous holiday season.

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/gifts-give-moving/