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Moving is mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting – no doubt about that. You can get so wrapped up in the move itself that you forget to think about what you’ll do as soon as the move is done. It’s what we moving aficionados call ‘The First Night After the Move”.


The first night should be a part of your overall planning process. If not you could find yourself mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted after a long day of moving with nowhere to lay your weary head.

Option #1 – A Hotel Stay May Be Easiest

This option may be best for people who:

If you just want to relax after the last box is unloaded then consider booking a hotel room near your new home for the night. It’s unlikely that your new home will have cable and internet set up, have beds that are ready to be slept in (unless you want to do a little more work after unloading) and have a bathroom that’s ready to be used.

The other great thing about getting a hotel room is it can be like a little mini vacation after a move. You’ve put in a lot of work and still have a lot of work ahead of you, so take a day or two to relax and unwind before the unboxing begins.

Alternative Option – Friends and Family

If you have friends or family in town you may be able to shack up with them for a night instead. Like a stay in a hotel you’ll have the creature comforts and won’t have to rush to set anything up.

Option #2 – Stay the Night in Your Old Home

This option may be best for people who:

Whenever you’re making an across town move and simultaneously have access to both your new home and old home you have the luxury of choosing which one you want to stay in after moving the majority of your stuff. Maybe you’re a little nostalgic or maybe its just a little more convenient, but either way you can plan to keep just the necessities in your old home and stay there one more night before officially moving into your new home.

It’s kind of like the reverse of option #3. Except you’ll wait until the very end to pack up the bathroom and kitchen essentials as well as something to sleep on.

Option #3 – Stay the Night in Your New Home

This option may be best for people who:

Spending the first night in your new house is kind of like camping. All you’re likely to have is the bare necessities. After a long day of moving you probably won’t have much energy left over to unpack even if you hire professional Austin movers.

However, in order to get through the first night there are a few thing you’ll want to do to make things livable. First, set up the bathroom with toilet paper, toiletries, a shower curtain and towels so that you can clean up. Next get your bed set up. Trust us, you’ll hit the hay early and hit it hard. You’ll also want a good night’s sleep so you have energy for unpacking the next day.

Plan ahead by packing a First Night Kit. The kit is similar to what you would pack to go camping. Things like snacks, paper plates, paper towels, garbage bags, medicines, a flashlight and batteries should be included in your kit.

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