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Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for all the blessings in your life.  Usually folks focus on remembering all the great events and happenings from the previous year.  However, Thanksgiving is also about the food.  While we are very grateful, we are also very hungry.  Anticipating all the great Thanksgiving food prepared by our loved ones makes our mouths water.  We can’t wait for Thanksgiving! A holiday that celebrates eating is one we can definitely get behind.  Food is essential to life.  Sharing that food with the people you love is the cherry on top.

Today you are hearing straight from the cow’s mouth what our herd members are looking forward to eating most this Thanksgiving!  Quite a few herd members had more than one food they were looking forward to.  Favorites include ham, sweet potato casserole, and green bean casserole. One interesting theme we noticed in many of the answers is that it is not always the specific type of food that makes it a person’s favorite, but who made it.  You may be able to get sweet potato casserole from somewhere else, but  only Wade’s mom can make it like a dessert.  Looking forward to a specific Thanksgiving dish prepared by a certain loved one demonstrates that Thanksgiving is about more than the food.  We are grateful for the Thanksgiving food we will eat, the hands that prepared the food and the people we have the privilege of sharing that food with!

This is how our herd responded when we asked:

What are you looking forward to eating most this Thanksgiving?

Sweet potato casserole – Chris

I look forward most to eating my dad’s ham. – Derik

I enjoy the honey baked ham with pineapples. – John

My mom’s sweet potato casserole.  It’s basically a dessert. – Wade

I am looking forward to eating ham, turkey and lots of dressing! Of course that is not to forget the amazing apple or blueberry pie my wife makes! – Ken

I am looking forward to eating ham, sweet potatoes, and cheesecake. – Todd

I am looking forward to eating green been casserole and stuffing. – Nic

Green bean casserole and squash casserole! – Lloyd

Every dish sounds delicious.  We only have one more question: can we come over for Thanksgiving dinner?

What are you looking forward to eating most this Thanksgiving? Share your favorite Thanksgiving foods with us!

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/from-the-cows-mouth-our-favorite-thanksgiving-foods/