New to Houston area?  Let us show you the ropes.  Helping the whole family get acclimated to a new area can take some time.  However, we know one way to help your furry family members feel right at home; bring your dog along on some family outings while accustoming yourself to your new neighborhood.  Recently transplanted dog owners may be wondering where exactly Fido is welcome.  We’ve got a list of dog approved places right below.

Dog-Friendly Houston Restaurants

Pub Fiction

2303 Smith St #100
Houston, TX 77006


BRC Gastro Pub

519 Shepherd Dr
Houston, TX 77007


Celtic Gardens

2300 Louisiana St
Houston, TX 77006


Inversion Coffee

1953 Montrose Blvd
Houston, TX 77006


Front Porch Pub

217 Gray St
Houston, TX 77002


Blackfinn American Grille
1910 Bagby St
Houston, TX 77002


Ruggles Cafe and Bakery

2365 Rice Blvd
Houston, TX 77005


Little Bigs

2703 Montrose Blvd
Houston, TX 77006


Hugo’s Regional Mexican Cuisine

1600 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77006



1111 S Shepherd Dr
Houston, TX 77019



3939 Montrose Blvd
Houston, TX 77006


Backstreet Cage

1103 S Shepherd Dr
Houston, TX 77019


The Lake House at Discovery Green

1600 McKinney St
Houston, TX 77010


Barnaby’s Cafe

414 W Gray St
Houston, TX 77019


J. Black’s

110 S Heights Blvd
Houston, TX 77007



302 Fairview St
Houston, TX 77006



3422 N Shepherd Dr
Houston, TX 77018


Good Dog Houston

903 Studewood St
Houston, TX 77008



307 Fairview St
Houston, TX 77006


Doggy Dining Out Etiquette

Typically dogs are only permitted to accompany owners on the outdoor portions or patios of restaurants.  Don not bring your dog inside the restaurant to reach an outdoor area.  Find a gate or way to access the outdoor portion of the restaurant from the outside.  Keep your dog on a leash.  There may or may not be a leash law in the area in which you are currently dining, but keeping your dog leashed is both good hammers and helps you demonstrate that you are in control of your dog at all times.

While restaurants may be dog friendly, it is up to the owner to exercise proper judgement when ascertaining if their dog is people friendly.  Other patrons dining at the restaurant may be in the same area as your dog, a few may even wish to pet Fido.  Hopefully, fellow polite patrons will ask before petting or approaching your pup.  Your dog may love attention from others, just make sure that your dog doesn’t snarl, growl or bite.  It is not rude to refuse a pat for your pet, a simple “he is resting right now,” is both appropriate and polite.  Dining at a non-peak time with your dog when other people may not be eating outside will guarantee the both of you some more space and fewer interactions.

When your dog is properly trained, eating out with Fido at a dog friendly restaurant can be a very pleasant experience.




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