With eight branches across two states and by serving both residential and commercial clients, we have seen it all! All different types of packing and moving styles, the interiors of all kinds of different homes, businesses and commercial spaces and unusual, odd and heavy (lots of heavy) objects. Moving is an intimate process because you are entrusting us with all your belongings—the important and the ordinary. One thing that is more common than you might think are the types of items that get lost or left behind when moving. We hope you can avoid the pitfalls of leaving behind these items during your next move!

Loaned Items

Did you loan a neighbor a tool? Let your friend borrow a movie? These types of items that aren’t even in your home are very easy to forget.  A few weeks before your move start rounding up your loaned out items. If it has been awhile, it may take your neighbor or friend a bit of digging and searching to find your item(s). This goes both ways, if you have borrowed something from a friend, neighbor or family member, don’t forget to return it before your move. It will be one less thing to move and keep track of.  Don’t forget to return any library books too!


Chargers, power cables and the like are one of the most frequently forgotten items. Incidentally, this is also one of the most forgotten items for travelers too. Travel Tip: If you are staying in a hotel and have forgotten a charger, call the front desk.  Most hotels have a box full of chargers and you can borrow one for the night, at least one charger will most likely be compatible with your device. Chargers are something we use everyday to power our computers, phones and other electronic devices. It can be easy to leave a charger stuck into the wall.

Outdoor Items

Items that you can’t easily see, like things that are normally stored outside, are easily forgotten. Frequently forgotten outdoor items include: potted plants, decor, grills, the contents of a storage shed, toys, gardening tools, etc. Don’t forget to check under your deck, on the sides of your house, on your porch and in your backyard before your move.


Medications, especially prescriptions, are not something that you want to forget. Many medicines are taken daily, so they get left out to pack last. In the frenzy of a move, they may get forgotten. Don’t forget to empty out the medicine cabinet! Medications, valuables and documents are some things that you may prefer to keep with you and move yourself.

Hidden Treasures

We’re not saying that like a leprechaun you have been hiding all your treasures around your house, but it happens. Doing a thorough final walk through is extremely important. There may be a forgotten present that was hidden really well. Kids stash all sorts of crazy things in random places. Sometimes small decor items like clocks or wall hangings have been in a certain spot for so long it is almost like they are a part of the wall and you don’t even see them. Don’t forget to look behind doors, on top of kitchen cabinets and above the refrigerator and stove.

Moves can be chaotic and stressful, but with experienced movers like Square Cow Moovers, you will have professionals ready to help you avoid any moving pitfalls!

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/common-items-left-behind-moving/