Austin City Limits: How Moo-sic Mooves People (Right to Austin)

Next to South by Southwest (SXSW), Austin City Limits (ACL) is one of the biggest music events of the year in Austin, Texas.  Square Cow Movers is here to help you navigate this major music festival and maybe even persuade you to make a moove.

People come to Austin for all kinds of reasons.  Some go to school here and end up staying, others make the decision to move to Austin after visiting during one of the many music festivals.  Some Austinites welcome an opportunity to listen to even more great live music in their hometown and see ACL as a perk to living in Austin, while others shun downtown during music festivals to avoid the crowds, traffic and tourists.

ACL has been so popular, that recently the decision was made to expand ACL to two weekends.  This year will be the first year and test run of the newly expanded schedule.  You will not want to miss the ACL festivities this year, because you can enjoy double the music, double the food and double the awesome parties and events!  Here are 5 tips for surviving ACL 2013.

  • Limited Cell Reception – If you are meeting up with friends, decide on a meeting spot and time prior to your arrival.  A large convergence of people and technology in one area means that cell reception, text messaging and phone reception will be very limited.  Do not count on being able to contact anyone via phone.  You may even want to designate a “safe spot” ahead of time, so that if any of your group members get lost or separated you can meet back up again.
  • Alternative Transportation – Traffic is already a major concern in Austin, especially during peak hours.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the addition of 75,000 ACL attendees and over 150 bands equals more traffic and congestion.  Parking is not available at the festival unless you purchased a VIP pass (which is quite pricey).  Consider alternative forms of transportation to get to the festival like walking, biking, taking a cab or pedicab.  Shuttles are also a convenient form of transportation.
  • What to Bring: Water, soft-sided coolers, cameras, blankets, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, closed toe shoes, kleenex, wet wipes, mini flashlights, cash (not all vendors accept credit cards).
  • What Not to Bring: outside food or drinks, glass, hard coolers, pets.
  • Standing-Room Only- If you will be watching a concert from one of the front rows, be prepared to stand.  The first few hundred feet are designated no-chair zones.  Don’t forget to bend your knees every so often, if you lock your knees, you may pass out like some concertgoers.  A blanket or sheet will come in handy for those no-chair zones so you can still have some space to sit if you need to.

Do you have any tips for surviving ACL?  Share them with us on one of our social media channels!




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