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Moving into a new place can come with some unexpected surprises, such as, the now-bedroom-former-office that has no window treatments, or “hello neighbors who have a view right into our bedroom”, or good morning kiddos who got up at the crack of dawn, because the sun streams right through those uncovered windows, etc.  Whatever the reason, you might need some temporary window covers stat!  It can take awhile to have blinds installed, pick out the right curtains, or decide between plantation shutters and shades, so know your temporary options before you need them.  Usually most home improvement retailers carry a product like Redi-Shade, basically an accordion pleated paper that acts like a giant sticky note to cover your windows.  If you need to have your windows covered for more than just a day or two this may be a good option.  Procrastinators beware, because you might just be tempted to leave the temporary shades on for four months.  If you prefer a more DIY approach, a blanket, sheet, or newspapers work just as well.  This is recommended for the shortest, most temporary situations.  What have you temporarily covered your windows with?