twm farmersmarket1 - Square Cow Moovers

In 2013 many people will resolve to lose weight, exercise more and eat healthier.  While the focus may be on exercise and eating less, eating local and healthier foods will also help.  If like many other Americans your New Year’s Resolution includes a healthier lifestyle, you will want to check out the Feast of Artisans Farmers Markets. A visit the Woodlands Mall will not only yield the usual fare of fashion, but also fresh, local food.  Nestled in an alcove between Barnes & Noble and Anthropologie, this farmers market is open every Wednesday from 4PM to 8 PM.  Foods you can find at the Feast of Artisans Farmers Market include: fruits, vegetables, honey, free range chicken eggs, local Texas wines, pickles, jellies and jams.  From farms to a winery and purveyors of spices and coffee, there are over twenty vendors that participate in the Feast of Artisans Farmers Market.  For a complete list of all the vendors with links to certain vendors’ websites, you can visit the Feast of Artisans website, http://www.feastofartisans.com/vendors.  We would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year in 2013!