As Texans we don’t usually have the luxury of four seasons, it’s more like three: a very abbreviated “winter”, a short warm spring, and a very long, very hot summer.  There is a limited opportunity of time to enjoy the outdoor weather before the blazing sun settles in for a long, hot summer.  The Woodlands Concert in the Park Spring Series is the perfect occasion to get outside and enjoy some live music with your family.  Every Sunday from March 10 through April 28 a different artist or musical group will be playing at Northshore Park.  This is a free event that is appropriate for all ages.  The concerts take place from 5:30 to 7:30 PM so you can get the kids to bed at a decent time before the next school/work week begins.  Various musical artists and groups will perform including: the Buck Yeager Band, Fidelity Maxx, The Fab 5, Swing Thing, Alter Ego, Mood Indigo and Little Queen. A diverse range of musical genres will also be represented including: country, jazz, swing, classic, rock, funk, etc.  If country isn’t your thing, just wait for the next week when a funk artist will play.  There are also various free activities being held in conjunction with the concerts each week!  For more information: http://woodlandsevents.com/entertainment/northshore-concert-in-the-park