choc cows
Image Credit: James Chocolates

Why did the blonde by a brown cow?  To get chocolate milk!

While we may not be fans of chocolate cow jokes or blonde jokes (cows come in all shapes, sizes AND colors), we do love chocolate!  Cows love chocolate because one of the main ingredients in chocolate products is milk!  Some chocolate even has milk in the name, e.g. “milk chocolate”.  Milk and chocolate go hand in hand like ketchup and mustard or salt and pepper.

When we say that cows love chocolate, we aren’t lying or pulling your leg.  Cows have been eating chocolate for over 25 years!  Cows that eat chocolate produce milk higher in butterfat, the higher the butterfat content, the more a farmer is paid for his milk.  Typically cows eat corn feed, but with high corn prices, farmers are more willing to try other alternatives, like chocolate.  Farmers can buy chocolate candy mistakes or chocolate salvage at a reduced price from candy companies to feed to their cows.  The farmers report that the cows will eat the chocolate pieces first and would eat themselves to death on just chocolate if they could.  Don’t believe us about a cow’s affinity for chocolate, just take the farmer’s word for it.

Now that we have established that cows really LOVE chocolate, we will continue on with our Square Cow Summer Camp series.  Throughout the sumer we will feature different summer camps for your calves.

Here are five reasons why you should consider sending your mini-chocolatier to The Woodlands Schakolad Chocolate Factory Chocolate Camp!

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