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cow cards - Square Cow MooversDo your kids play games?  The way kids play games in the 21st century looks very different from the way kids played games in the latter half of the 20th century.  Most current game play is probably done in front of a screen.  Whether it’s an ipad, iphone, computer or TV, kids are focusing their attention on a screen. While most games offer a multiplayer option, interaction between the players is still centered around a screen.  If you have a nostalgia for the way games were played in the past, you will want to check out board game night at Space Cadets Collection Collection, a local store in the Woodlands that specializes in collectibles such as toys, comics and card games.  Every Friday night from 5PM to 7PM you can enjoy good old-fashioned family fun at this local shop.  People are encouraged to bring both card and board games appropriate for all ages so the whole family can participate.  Reconnect with your crew over a card or board game where you have to make eye contact with the other players!  Bust out your board games for a great Friday night with your family.  For more information: http://spacecadetscollection.com/calendar-of-events/?cid=all&month=1&yr=2013