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Photo Credit: Littlebangtheory.wordpress.com
Photo Credit: Littlebangtheory.wordpress.com

Let us regale you with a little story about our friend Bessie.  Now Bessie was in the market for a new barn, not a red barn, not a grey barn, a pink barn.  Not just any shade of pink, but blush pink.  The barn also needed to be two-stories, not one-story, or one-story with a loft.  Since little miss Bessie was so particular, she eventually decided to build a barn from scratch and hire an ar-cow-tect.

Luckily, Bessie, with the help of an ar-cow-tect, designed and built the barn of her dreams. We enjoyed helping Bessie move into her barn because she was finally happy!  When you have a specific vision of your dream home in mind, working with an ar-cow-tect can sometimes be tricky.  We asked a professional architect (a human one) for some tips on working with an architect.

1. Try and define your style- Use examples from other houses if necessary. If you find houses that you like in the area that you will be moving to, ask owners who designed their house.

2. Define your space needs and think about future needs. Will  you likely be living in the same house 5 years from now? 10 years? How might your needs change?

3. Have a realistic timeline.

4. Some upfront costs will actually save you money in the long run. Consider paying a little more upfront to get better quality materials or new technologies.

5. Trust your architect. They have been trained and have likely been doing this for a long time. Consider their suggestions carefully.

Do you have any tips for working with an architect?  Feel free to share them with us on Facebook!