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What little things do you forget to do during a move? When you make your new home move-in ready what do you change or update?  Cleaning the house and maybe even a new coat of paint are obvious ways to improve your new home.  However, have you ever considered changing the toilet seat?  This task takes relatively little time and is inexpensive.  You may find  that a new toilet seat is an excellent investment and worth the peace of mind.  A newer bathroom may only require a thorough scrubbing, but a new toilet seat could be one of the best little upgrades you make. Another home improvement to consider soon after a move is changing out the air filter.  Typically air filters are supposed to be changed out every three months, but who knows when the previous owners or renters last changed out the air filters.  These are just some little things to consider undertaking before moving into your new place, that will help make your new home healthier and cleaner. While you’re at it, don’t forget a new shower curtain liner and toilet brush!  Now you can start off life in your new home in a squeaky clean bathroom!