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People who frequently move, know that one of the more heavy and time consuming objects to move are books.  Books have to be packed and unpacked individually, it doesn’t take many books to make a box too heavy, and it can be hard to keep all your books organized.  Families that move often may not keep too many books around for these reasons.  Sharing books with others and using the library are strategies that your family can use to cut down on the number of books in your home.  Common sense dictates that before a move, you would cull your book collection and keep only your favorites. As electronic readers like Nooks and Kindles become more popular, people are less likely to buy physical books.  If you are about to embark on a move a an e-reader may be a good investment.  If you really want to de-clutter your life why not consider purchasing your favorite books on your e-reader and then you will have only one thing to move!  Electronic copies of books are less expensive, you can save your exact place on an e-reader, you can look up words while reading, and many e-readers have other functions such as the ability to go online, etc.  So what are you waiting for, how would you like to have 20 less boxes of books to pack and move?