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If you are a recent Austin transplant or are planning a move to Austin in the near-future, you may want to prepare yourself for the types of people you will come across in your new home town.  Every city has a unique feel and culture that it is known for.  A combination of the geographic region, climate, history, arts community, landmarks, businesses, educational institutions and people help to make up a city’s culture.

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In recent years Austin has been growing, booming and topping lists.  As Austinites we shouldn’t let this go to our heads, but sometimes we can’t help but be proud of our city. You may not fit exactly into one group, but perhaps there is a little bit of all of these types in each of us!

Types of people you will find in Austin:

Trendsetters may prefer to avoid the term “hipsters”, but they probably have already eaten at the hottest new restaurant, know about the secret hole-in-the-wall bar, follow the best food truck’s location on Twitter, and have seen the latest band perform live (3 times).  We could only hope to be as cool as the trendsetters.

Austin suburbanites happily shuttle their kids to and from soccer practice, enjoy their own great “local” restaurants, rarely have to worry about finding a space in the Target parking lot, and don’t have to concern themselves about the plastic bag ban when they forget to bring in their reusable bags.  (We may or may not be suburbanites ourselves…)

We love do-gooders (we aspire to be like them), but we can’t get up with their volunteering schedule!  On Sundays do-gooders volunteer with Mobile Loaves and Fishes, on Mondays you will find them happily helping at Austin Pet’s Alive, on Tuesday they help the Trail Foundation keep the trails clean, on Wednesday they read to the kids at the local library, Thursday is for CASA and Caritas, Friday is for the Austin Film Society, and Saturday is split between Big Brothers, Big Sisters and the Junior League.

Whether a native was born in Austin, or moved here in 1999 or 2006, the point is they have been here longer than YOU.  They can remember when all these new structures were just greenery and they had to drive x miles to get to the nearest movie theater/ grocery store.  We look forward to reminiscing about the good ol’ days with other “natives” in 2022.

Fitness Fanatics
Fitness Fanatics are clogging up our sidewalks, waterways and roads.  Kayakers and stand-up paddle boarders have taken over Town Lake, cyclists and former Lance Armstrong fans lobby for more bike lanes, and runners can be found infesting Town Lake trail and a local neighborhood near you!  Man we wish we could be in as good of shape as these guys!

You know the old saying, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”?  And we plan to do just that!  On Friday, August 30 we would love to compete in the Zilker Relays.  This is a great race for beginning runners and friends!  Each individual on a team of 4 will run 2.5 lap around Zilker, for a total of 10 miles.  Afterwards you can enjoy an awesome festival with great food and live music.  Sign us up!  For more information: http://www.zilkerrelays.com/

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Image Source: zilkerrelays.com