storage ideas in small bathroom 4 - Square Cow Moovers

When you move into a new home you may wish to fill it with all new furniture and fixtures.  You may not be able to afford redecorating every room, but there is one room that you can completely justify redoing, the bathroom!  This is one room that can stand to have some freshening up.  Who wants to move an old shower curtain or toilet seat cover?  Bathroom rugs, shower curtains and towels become dingy and worn after a few years use.  While a whole new set of bath towels and wash cloths can be expensive, a few new hand towels, will help to freshen up your new bathroom and make the room nicer for guests.  The bathroom trash can, plunger, toilet bowl brush, shower curtain liner, and toilet seat cover are probably not even worth moving!  All of these things can be replaced relatively inexpensively.  Changing a few simple things like bath mats and hand towels can also help you to match a new color scheme in your new bathroom.