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Moving Boxes

We’ve all seen the back braces that professional movers wear to protect themselves while lifting heavy objects. But did you know that foot and ankle injuries also commonly occur during a move? Sprains, torn ligaments, broken bones – a number of medical issues can arise if you don’t take the proper precautions. Keep reading for safety tips and best practices that protect your hooves when you’re moving.

Wear the Appropriate Shoes

Appropriate footwear is one of the easiest ways to avoid foot and ankle injuries during a move. Your footwear should:

In addition to wearing the right shoes, you’ll also need to wear clean cotton socks that breath. This helps prevent problems like athlete’s foot.

Use a Dolly Whenever Possible

Dropping a heavy box on your foot can easily break a toe or metatarsal. An easy way to avoid crushing your foot is to use a dolly. Strap boxes, appliance, etc. to the dolly and wheel it out in front of yourself so there’s no risk of injuring your feet.

Get a Good Grip

Lifting boxes doesn’t just cause back injuries while moving, it can also easily injury your feet. If you are carrying a box instead of using a dolly make sure you have a good grip before picking it up. Tip the box up so you can grab it from the bottom, and never try to carry a box that’s too heavy.

Watch Your Step

Carrying around boxes can hinder your line of sight, limiting your ability to see where you’re going. Simply watching where you walk is one of the easiest ways to avoid injuring yourself. This is another reason to use a dolly whenever possible and get assistance from someone else if you can’t clearly see in front of you.

Keep Paths Clear

Tripping can cause a number of injuries including some that occur to the feet and ankles. Before the move gets underway establish a moving path from inside the house out to the truck, and keep it clear of boxes, wires, loose items, etc. Also make sure to choose a path where the ground is level with as few steps and turns as possible. If needed lay down an anti-slip material.

Give Your Feet TLC After the Move

After the move is complete your feet will definitely feel it. To avoid aches and pains the following day give your feet and ankles a little extra attention. This is especially important if you do suffer an injury like a sprain. It may not seem like a big deal, but a sprain can cause repeat injuries, arthritis and serious discomfort. Never try to walk off the pain. Instead find a comfy spot to sit down and keep your feet elevated above your heart. If you did strain or sprain your ankle ice it down and consider getting a brace for compression.

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