Pre-Moove Information

Follow these tips for a smooth moove.

Thank you for choosing SquareCow Moovers! We believe the success of most moves is based on all parties having proper expectations. Take a few moments to review our pre-moove information. Let us know of any questions or concerns.

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Follow These Tips for a Smooth Moove.


Square Cow Moovers is not responsible for moving cash, jewelry, currency or prescription medicine. These items should be removed by the client before the Square Cow pack/move team arrive.

Due to licensing and liabilities, our Moovers cannot transport flammable liquids, firearms, or explosives, or tanks or containers for gasoline or propane. Fuel tanks for lawn equipment, garden tractors, etc., must be emptied prior to your move.


Square Cow Moovers offers a wide range of services. Your proposal includes listed items and services only. Additional items and services may result in additional costs.


8:00am is the designated time our trucks leave for morning moves. For afternoon moves times of arrival is approximate, depending on earlier jobs in the day and unexpected circumstances.


If We Pack You: We highly recommend our packing service. Once we pack your goods, you will never do it yourself again! Call our office for details. We would be happy to arrange a professional packing crew for you.

If You Pack: We do sell packing supplies! Close and tape tops and bottoms of boxes. Clearly mark the destination of all boxes on the top and sides and mark FRAGILE as needed. All fragile items, including lamps, china, computers, stereo, etc. must be properly packed. Square Cow Moovers is not responsible for damaged items in boxes not professionally packed by us. Please see our blog post focused on proper packing techniques here.


The contents of all desk drawers must be removed. Standard metal file cabinets can stay packed however; the drawers must either be locked or securely taped shut. Lateral and Fireproof file cabinets must be emptied. Clothing may remain in dresser drawers, but, please remove fragile, valuable and heavy items (i.e. perfume, jewelry, books, papers, etc.)


Empty the contents of your refrigerator and freezer. Due to licensing and liabilities, we cannot disconnect or reconnect any gas appliances or icemakers. Square Cow is not responsible for water damage as a result of moving appliances. The client must check the appliance connections for leaks.


Particle Board: It is becoming increasingly popular for furniture manufacturers to use particle board (as an example: IKEA). These pieces can prove to be difficult when moving. Because of the unworthy structure of these pieces we are not able to accept liability for assembled particle board furniture. We can move disassembled particle board. Planters: We are happy to locally move your planters and plants. However, we cannot be held responsible for these items due to the brittle nature.

Ceramic Smokers: These specialized smokers are made of a heavy ceramic material. These items are used to cook for many hours at a time and are often left out in the elements and weather. These factors break down the strength of the material and make them susceptible to breakage.


Upon completion of the move, please inspect the inside of the truck to ensure all of your belongings have been unloaded.

Home and business moves: Payment is due at completion of the move. Payment can be made by cash or by credit card. We accept all major credit cards except American Express.
Actual Cost of Move:

For hourly moves, the estimate is based on information given to us. The estimate advises you of approximate cost and enables us to arrange the movers’ schedule. The estimate is based on your house being packed and ready to move. After our 3-hour minimum, we charge 1/4-hour increments. Five minutes into the next 1/4 hour we round to the next full 1/4 hour.


Although our movers will be as careful as possible, from time to time damages may occur. If a damage is caused by our service, we will take reasonable steps to repair, compensate or replace a damaged item according to the client’s level of valuation. If there is a damage, notify your movers immediately. After the move is completed call our office to request a Claim Form. If you discover a damage after the move. Square Cow is liable for loss or damage for cargo up to $.60 per pound. Clients have up to 90 days after their move date to submit a claim.

Damages caused while loading or unloading rental truck, portable storage vaults or storage unit provided by customer: Square Cow Moovers is only responsible for items in our immediate care, custody and control.

Tips for the Moovers/Packers:
We only mention this because so many ask. Yes, our packers and movers can accept tips, but, of course, only if you desire to tip and feel they deserve it!
Bad Weather:
The move will continue during inclement weather. If the movers deem the weather is too bad to continue and stop temporarily, you will not be charged for “down time.”
Be sure to contact your building supervisor to reserve the elevator and have it padded for the day of your move. Additionally, let our office know of any time restrictions that may apply.
Reserve ample parking for our truck(s). Be sure to have the parking area and walkways clear of debris, as well as other obstructions. If new construction, it is the client’s responsibility to provide a clean access path to your home or office (plywood, etc.). If parking meters, they must be capped.
Oversized and/or Unique Items:
Items such as pianos, organs, safes, full size copiers, fire proof file cabinets, pool tables, marble top tables, riding lawn mowers and motorcycles may require additional crew members. Our Customer Service Representative can explain the charges for additional crew members. Occasionally there are items we can’t move, such as single slate top pool tables.
Items of Extraordinary Value:
Items of extraordinary value must be noted before the start of the move. A list of these items will be added to the move sheet and signed by both the client and a Square Cow representative. These items are defined as having a value greater than $100.00 per pound per article (certified antiques, art, furs, software, cameras, etc…)
Client Responsibilities:
The following items can significantly affect the amount of time it takes to complete your move. We strongly urge our clients to read through each item and verify it has been completed and/or communicated appropriately. Failure to adhere to this list could result in a price adjustment.
  • Properly communicating information regarding the load and unload site such as:
    • Access: how close to the residence the truck can park
    • Clear pathway to the house and through hallways
    • Low overhanging trees and/or other obstructions 14 feet or lower
    • Stairs leading into the residence as well as flight of stairs within the residence
    • Narrow doorways, stairwells, etc
    • Steep driveway
    • Heavy, unique, bulky, and/or items of extreme value
      • Pool tables, pianos, safes, large armoires, etc.
    • Items and areas not shown or communicated during the quoting process
      • Attic, garages, storage facilities, etc.
  • All non-furniture items should be sealed in a box when possible. The Square Cow crews will not be responsible additional time spent managing items that should have been boxed.
  • Our clients are responsible for making sure the correct items are moved. Square Cow Moovers will not be responsible for items left behind by mistake. We recommend a final walk through with the head mover to ensure all items were placed on the truck (i.e.; attic, closets, backyard)
  • It is essential that our clients place a designated person at the front door of the destination to direct non-labeled boxes and furniture. We want all items to get to their designated room/area but cannot be responsible for moving them several times due to an absent or indecisive client.
Release of Liability:

Our Movers are often asked to perform tasks that are outside our limits of liability.

Appliances – Square Cow Moovers is not responsible for damage to plumbing, electrical systems, or for water damage associated with the connection or disconnection of washers, dryers and icemakers. The client is responsible for checking these connections for leaks.

Exterior Risks – Driving over the lawn, sidewalk, or other areas not designed for the truck. Doing so may cause ruts in the grass, cracking of concrete, loss of vegetation, damage to underground sprinklers, drain fields, or other damage. Square Cow Moovers is not responsible for additional time, damage, or towing charges which may result, whether foreseeable or not.

Loading/Unloading – If Square Cow Moovers is only providing loading and/or unloading services, Square Cow Moovers is not responsible for any damages which may occur in transporting your goods and/or furniture and is released of all liability after loading the truck or prior to unloading. We are only responsible for items in our immediate care, custody and control.

Storage – If Square Cow Moovers is loading or unloading into or out of storage, we are only responsible for damage caused while loading or unloading. It is the client’s responsibility to provide or purchase sufficient padding to protect their goods.

Prior Damage – Square Cow Moovers is not responsible for any pre-existing damage, previously repaired, defects, or any other weaknesses in furniture or items.

Unsafe/Unique Moving Circumstances – Square Cow Moovers is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage to items or surroundings, as a result of a specific customer request (i.e.; hoisting).

Unboxed Fragile – Square Cow Moovers is not responsible for fragile items left unboxed or improperly protected (lamps, mirrors, etc.).

Moving Electronics – Square Cow Moovers is not responsible for electronics or appliances not working after the move with no visible evidence of damage. Our movers do not ensure these items are properly operating before loading.