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We realize that it’s just a couple days before Christmas, and you are probably wondering why we are talking about putting everything up before the holiday has even happened. Christmas is our favorite holiday, no doubt about it, which also means that we have the most stuff to pull out and put away each year.

There are horror stories of people’s attics overflowing and they have multiple storage units, which cost them thousands of dollars every year, and half the stuff that’s costing them so much in storage is Christmas related. If that were not bad enough, think of the hours people are spending trying to find all of their holiday cheer. Pretty soon it becomes a holiday chore and nobody is having fun anymore. We have some holiday tips folks to help you put away your holiday decorations and knick-knacks so that next year it can take minutes and cost you a fraction of the storage cost. Go ahead and read this now and refer to it next week when you are taking everything down.

Christmas Cow Tip 1: Before you start packing things away, throw things away. That may sound cold and callous, but you seriously need to assess what holds real value for you and your family every year. Paper chains are fun to make, but they take up tons of room in storage and don’t keep very well. Make the tradition to create new ones every year or try some kind of new holiday decoration craft every year.

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Christmas Cow Tip 2: Get plastic, stackable tubs dedicated to your Christmas stuff. Most of everything will fit in these tubs and the few things that don’t can sit on top of the Christmas box stack. Invest in about 6-10 of these boxes and they will last you for years!

Christmas Cow Tip 3: Put all of your Christmas stuff in one space. We know this is hard. We know. But having some stuff in the closet, some stuff in the attic, some stuff in storage, some stuff in the other closet and some stuff underneath the master bed is a no go. Dedicate a space to all of that stuff, stack it neatly and make sure it is easy to get to because you will be moving it every year, unlike your tax records from 2004.

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Christmas Cow Tip 4: Storing Christmas lights – Use extension cord holders to wrap up your Christmas lights. These things are the best.

Christmas Cow Tip 5: Where your stuff is stored needs to be cool enough in the summer and warm enough from January through April. You don’t want it melting, exploding or shattering.

If you have more tips about storing your Christmas stuff, please comment below. Also, if you have a ton of stuff, need help consolidating and storing it, please give us a call. We are the experts.