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“I didn’t have allergies before I moved.” That’s a phrase that’s more common than you’d think. It turns out there are a number of factors at play that could affect allergic reactions.

Keep on reading to find out why you’re more susceptible to allergies after moving to a new city.

New Environment, New Allergens

In a new environment you’re exposed to allergens you may not have been exposed to before. The amount of allergens in the air may also be higher than your previous city. For example, if you’re moving to South Austin you may experience cedar fever for the first time. At our headquarters in Austin allergens are a real issue for some people because the cedar pollen count is so high during certain times of year.

Keep in mind seasonality and weather conditions also play a role in local allergens. If you’re anywhere else in the south spring is the high season for allergies. In some areas of the country, strong winds can also bring allergens from another state hundreds of miles away.

Pollution, rainfall and barometric pressure can all influence allergen sensitivity. The change in these environmental factors can also create allergy-like symptoms, but they aren’t true allergies.

If you are exposed to a new allergy it will take about 2-5 years to get sensitized to it. That means if you aren’t hit with allergies right away they could develop over time.

Allergies Change Over Time

It could be sheer coincidence that an allergy showed up shortly after moving. You can actually develop allergies at any age regardless of whether you’ve had allergies in the past. What your body used to handle just fine now could cause an allergic reaction simply because your body’s response system has changed over time.

Increased Stress Makes You More Susceptible

There’s no denying that a move can be stressful. Stress has a way of throwing our immune system out of whack to the point we can’t fight things off like we normally do.

When your immune system is compromised by stress, an allergic reaction is more likely. Stress also causes the body to release a variety of hormones and chemcials. One of those chemicals is histamine. It’s a “mediator” that actually causes allergy symptoms like congestion and sneezing. Because of the extra histamine from all the moving stress an allergic reaction could be much worse than what you’ve experienced in the past.

Your New Home May Need to Air Out

If you’re suddenly experiencing allergy symptoms and respiratory issues after moving into your new home allergens may not be the primary issue. The problem could actually be the air quality inside.

The air indoors is typically 2-5 times more polluted than outside.Homes that are air tight and never get aired out hold in toxic fumes, allergens and dust. It could also be specific to the previous use of the home. Pet dander could be present if the previous homeowner had pets and didn’t deep clean. Of maybe they were a plant lover that left pollen behind in the house.

Make sure your move doesn’t get sidetracked by an allergy attack by hiring Square Cow Movers to do the work for you. Our moving bovines are locals who are acclimated to the environment and can keep things moving right along during allergy season.

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