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Okay, so there is a moving app, but you can’t use it yet.  The Moveline site launches Thursday and will only be available in New York.  No word on if or when this app will be available in Austin, but Moveline does plan to expand to other cities.  After you download the app, you fill out some basic information including your starting location and end destination.  Next you take a video of all the rooms in your house and all the things that your family will be moving with. Moveline employees then tally up your possessions and create an inventory for you. Moveline shows you about how much it will cost for a full-service moving company, container, freight service or truck rental to move your stuff.  This will allow you to compare prices, different moving companies and services.  The Moveline website states there are six different questions they can help you answer including “Are there hidden fees?” and “ How many boxes will I need?”.  For now moving companies pay to be included in the Moveline app, though a commission paid to Moveline by the moving companies.  In the future Moveline hopes customers will pay directly through the site.  Check out this new moving App, https://moveline.com/.