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Exploring moving traditions and practices in other cultures and countries can both entertain us and provide a broadened global perspective. Journeying North to Canada, to the province of Quebec, more specifically Montreal, we can examine the fascinating tradition of June 1, Moving Day (which also happens to be Canada Day). The Canadian Moving Day was born out of an eighteenth-century law that decreed a certain day in the spring as Moving Day so that landlords could not evict tenant farmers during the winter. The modern equivalent evolved into June 1, so that Moving Day did not interrupt the school year.

Typically most people in Montreal do not own their homes, so the majority of people rent. It is not common for landlords to provide their tenants with stoves or refrigerators. This means that there are literally hundreds of thousands of people moving on June 1 in Quebec. Moving companies have to be booked as far as six months in advance, and of course moving fees are much higher.  Read more about Moving Day here.

It is not surprising that some Canadians would begin to think about moving outside of the box, more specifically moving in a greener and more ecologically friendly way. This is where moving by bicycle comes into play. Transport Myette is a moving company that transports your possessions (including appliances) by bicycle with modified bike trailers. The trailers can hold up to 600 pounds and one video shows six bicycles and trailers transporting an entire household! The founder cites his concerns for the environment and and a need for more affordable moving options as his inspiration. You can check out their website here.  (The website is in French, but there is a tab at the top for an “English” translation)

Do you think moving by bicycle could become a trend in Austin?