Which Texas

In late January, almost everyone had an opinion about the decision for the St. Louis Rams to move to Los Angeles.  Many were excited for the move, but there were also several discussions concerning lawsuits from St. Louis fans.  Owner Stan Kroenke will pay a $550 million transfer fee to be able to move the Rams from St. Louis to Los Angeles.  NFL teams moving to different cities is not unheard of, in fact, the Rams were originally a California-based team but moved to St. Louis in 1995.  For many, the move by the Rams to Los Angeles is a return home.  Regardless of anyone’s opinion on the move, the orchestration of moving a 53-man roster complete with dozens of coaches, staff, management, and accompanying families will be a logistical work of art.

In addition to the higher cost of living, real estate prices, and rent prices in L.A., players must also quickly begin planning a cross-country move.  The off-season workouts are scheduled to begin in L.A. in early April.  This leaves only a few months for players and their families to sell property, find new living arrangements, schedule moves, enroll their kids in new school districts, and relocate families and possessions to their new homes in California before the off-season workouts begin.

Franchises are required to pay moving and relocation expenses under the collective bargaining agreement, but money lost on a quick home sale and other expenses will come out of the players own pockets.   While moving expenses are covered, relocating players are not entitled to any financial packages.

Professional athletes have it pretty good, but not everyone is commanding large salaries like the top players and careers are not long-term so saving and planning ahead are crucial.  Despite the glamour that comes with playing football professionally, moves are still stressful on families adjusting to new towns and kids starting new schools.

We can only marvel at the herd needed for such a momentous moving task.  Our herd isn’t the best at playing football (hooves and horns tend to deflate balls), but we do know a thing or two about moving teamwork.  After our family’s own horrific moving experience, we were inspired to start Square Cow Movers.  Moving is one of the most vulnerable moments in a person’s life. There’s nothing like packing up all your possessions and family members to move across the country to make you feel disconnected.  Our job is to put moving families at ease by safely & efficiently moving what’s most valuable to them.

Good luck to all the Rams players, coaches, staff and families as you make the move to L.A.  If you need a helping herd, don’t hesitate to contact our professional movers.  Our mooving team is here to help your team, whether it be a sports team or a company team, move!