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What does Memorial Day mean to you? Pool parties, boating, BBQs, beaches, beer, fruity drinks and summertime? While the holiday and a three-day weekend are a great reason to engage in all the activities mentioned above, Memorial Day is meant to honor men and women who have served in the military.

While we don’t know of any cows that have served in the military, we do know that cows like many others around the world made sacrifices and helped to serve during wartime. One of our favorite stories is about cows in WWII.

Blackout regulations were imposed throughout Britain during WWII to minimize the danger of nighttime bombing attacks. All windows were outfitted with blackout curtains, street lights were turned off, and vehicle headlights and traffic lights were fitted with slotted covers which deflected the beams downward toward the ground. At night civilian Air Raid Protection Wardens patrolled their respective areas to enforce all blackout regulations. In short, it could be pitch black at nighttime, especially in rural areas. Some farmers began painting their cows with white stripes so that motorists could avoid the potential cow traffic hazards.

Enjoy Memorial Day, but remember the men, women (and cows) who have served!