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2011 Thanksgiving Decor and Decorating Ideas For The Home - Square Cow Moovers

After you move into a new house, when does it really begin to feel like home?  Thanksgiving provides a great opportunity for you to really break in your new house and make it feel like a home.  If you have family coming to visit your new place at Thanksgiving, not only do you have pressure to get everything squared away by a certain deadline, but the presence of loved ones will help you to feel more comfortable in your new home.  Usually, pictures and art are the last things to go up on the wall.  Hanging up some of your favorite family portraits and familiar art will immediately make your new house feel like home. Buying your favorite fresh flowers and putting them in a vase is a small decorative detail that will also make your house homier.  Cooking or baking some of your family’s favorite foods will feel your new house with the aroma of home.  Don’t forget about using some of your family’s favorite traditions to make everyone feel more comfortable in your new home.  Maybe a favorite tradition is praying before a meal at the dinner table, or you always watch a certain movie at Thanksgiving on the couch in the living room.  Remember you can make some new traditions in your new home too!