Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, making friends as an adult in a new place can be tough. As the new person, you have to find a place where you can fit in and you need to put yourself out there. They say to make a friend you have to be one, but how do you get started?

Get Fit

Pursuing great health is always a worthwhile pastime. Working out is one of those things that tends to hang out for a while on our to do list. We totally mean to get in great shape, but other things come up. A fresh start in a new neighborhood is a great excuse to start exercising. Join an area gym, the YMCA, a local bootcamp, take a yoga or martial arts class or just jog around the block. In the pursuit of getting fit, you may just find a friend that shares a similar interest. Muster up the courage to introduce yourself to the person next to you in a fitness class or greet whomever you meet on the hike and bike trail!

Walk the Dog

Pet owners have an advantage when it comes to making new friends. Who can resist a friendly furry face? Put your dog / cat / lizard on a leash (no judgement from our herd) and head out the door. Soon you will learn the routines of other pet owners in your neighborhood. Stop to admire someone else’s pet and soon they will be admiring yours. Ask your neighbor about his or her dog’s name and then you can easily transition into introducing yourself and asking for your neighbor’s name.


Look at your surroundings—what do you see? A church that runs a food pantry? A library that needs help shelving books? A retirement home with residents who would enjoy some visitors? Odds are there is a nearby organization or institution that could use your assistance! Help your community and yourself by getting involved, you will find other like-minded individuals who could be potential friends.

Back to School

Having kids is like having a secret cheat code for making new friends. You immediately have something in common with an entire pool of parents who have kids at the same school as your children. Stake out the bus stop or hang around after pick-up to get in touch with other parents. You don’t have to actually go back to school, but you may need to spend more time at the school to identify potential parent friends.

The best way to start making new friends…smile!