Laurel and Hardy once did a short that deals with this exact issue. As you know, this great comedy team perfectly practiced the art of frustration humor. If you’ve never seen the clip, you’ll quickly understand why you want an expert to help when you’re moving a piano:

Laurel & Hardy -The Piano Delivery

The point we’re making is that something which tips the scales at nearly a ton requires special handling. One bad move and you’ve got 88-keys scattered all over the place.

Piano - Square Cow Moovers

Careful, Now

Even professional movers may subcontract the relocation to an expert. It’s not something you can get 4-or-5 beer guzzling buddies to heave-ho a delicate instrument into the back end of the moving van. There’s an exception. If it’s one of those $200 electronic keyboards, just wrap it well. That’s a DIYer.

But whether it’s a console, baby or full-blown grand, it’s not digital. It’s old school mechanical. With hundreds of well-tuned strings and over a thousand moving parts, any damage is guaranteed to polish-up a pretty penny to get the thing back to working condition.

The Pro

While a specialist in moving a piano may not be part of the local symphony, they know the instrument. Well versed in which way to twist-and-turn the giant music maker, you will get your pride-and-joy out one door and through another.

What if it’s a grand piano? A lot of pieces will need to be taken apart. Unless you have a job as someone who builds an instrument such as this, you know diddly about what should be unassembled first. What needs to be screwed back into place when it’s made it to the new location.

You expect that once this enormous unit gets to your new home, you’ll be able to plant yourself on the bench and hammer-out Beethoven’s Ninth. That’s why expert Austin piano movers have a staff of repair folks and tuners on hand to restore the unit to its pre-moved state. And if they don’t, they’ll have a list of professionals that are trusted to ramp the magic back to mysterious perfection.


For folks who are temporarily downsizing, maybe the instrument won’t fit in the new place. You might be forced to put the piano someplace else until matters settle-down. Perhaps you’re planning a remodeling project. Do you really want to throw a tarp over something that expensive and work around it?

You have an option that a professional piano mover can offer. Storage. The instrument will require climate control – like heat, cooling and moisture management. Consider that you are investing a fraction of money to protect an enormous asset.

Some people think of their pets as their children. If you are a musician, your piano is not a child. It’s the grand dame of the family.