So you’re an adult and you’re going to miss not just “your room”, but the house that you love, how are you going to deal? Perhaps you should take a page from your parents’ book or think about how you would comfort your own kiddos.  When kids are sad about moving, parents acknowledge the sad feelings and try to get the kids excited about the future.  First acknowledge that it’s okay to miss your house and to feel a little sad about leaving a place you love. Knowing that your feelings are valid will help you to move on.  Focus instead on your new place and know that someday soon you will feel the same way about your new home.  Get yourself excited about decorating your new home and imagine how you can put your own personal touch on your new place, so it will feel like home in no time.  The oldest trick in the book to get kids enthusiastic about their new rooms is to ask what color they would like to paint their rooms. Psych yourself up for your new space by deciding what color you will paint ALL your new rooms!  If that doesn’t work, there is always retail therapy.  Shopping for some new home decor may perk your right up!