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By Square Cow Moovers trucks, of course!

We were honored to deliver voting machines for the third year in a row to schools, churches and community centers across San Antonio.

On Election Day (November 8, 2016) citizens of Bexar County cast their votes on thousands of machines at over 300 different voting locations.  Polling locations were bustling on Election Day, but we were diligently working in the days before the big day to prepare the polling locations for voters.

“We have been preparing for this all year long” confided Joe Camacho, the Bexar County Elections Operations Coordinator.  Working in conjunction with Bexar County officials, we prepared in advance for all the complicated logistics involved with delivering thousands of voting machines within a 2.5 day period.  We focused on time frames,“trying to get to certain locations at certain times before they closed” said Hector Aguilar, Square Cow Movers Operations Manager as he paused to speak with a news crew.

The voting machines were moved via locked rolling cart. Each cart carried 6 to 10 machines along with signs and a power cord.  The total weight of each loaded cart was around 500-800 pounds. 15 carts could fit in a Square Cow truck. We used a herd of 8 trucks to make over 130 deliveries to over 300 locations around San Antonio. The routes were mapped out before our herd arrived at the warehouse. Two-man crews would then deliver each load to a specific school, church or community center. The majority of the deliveries took place at schools, so drivers took extra caution and made safety a priority in school zones.

We are proud that we could do our part for democracy by moving voting machines!  Thanks to Bexar County for entrusting us with the important task of delivering crucial voting equipment.

“No matter how big or how small, it’s just key that we stay on top of things,” said Hector Aguilar. We believe every move should be treated with respect whether we are carrying voting machines in the backs of our trucks or your personal belongings!

Video: http://cdnapi.kaltura.com/html5/html5lib/v2.46/mwEmbedFrame.php/p/1636891/uiconf_id/36216731/entry_id/1_esan867d?wid=_1636891&iframeembed=true&playerId=media-preview_0_1_esan867d&entry_id=1_esan867d&flashvars%5BstreamerType%5D=auto