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When you have the Austin Movers help move into a new home, do you do anything special to “bless” the house, “christen” it, or promote good luck? Good luck rituals for a new home or place come from many different cultures, religions and spiritual practices.  One New Yorker advocates always leaving a can of beans in the pantry of an apartment for the next tenant.  You never know when tough times will hit.  When moving into your new apartment, you hope you will never have to use the beans.  However, leaving a can of beans will hopefully bring you and the next tenant good luck. Hanging a good luck charm, such as a horseshoe, over the door is also said to bring luck to a new home.  People of the Jewish faith may hang a Mezuzah on the doorframe, while Catholics may hang a Holy Water Font next to the door.  Good luck rituals include everything from prayers and chants to sprinkling holy water and smudging sage in a hew home.  Many Native American rituals require the use of a feather fan, while a Feng shui expert can help to bring luck to your home based on the position and placement of items.

Do you or your family use any special good luck rituals?